Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Some 'Sir Reg' pages

Here are the pages I've worked up so far. A cover (with title included), and pages three to six (i.e.. The first four story pages). Pages four and five are a double page splash. Did them before Christmas but only just added the font work and balloons to them. Really enjoyed the simple act of including the type elements so it's given me suitable motivation to crack back on with the project, providing I can break the back of my dissertation!

Lots to trim off the sides of some pages (been working with quite a large bleed area) and as I believe I mentioned before, they will be printed on brown paper eventually. Might look at scanning in some brown paper stock so I can layer it in as a preview or if I decide to distribute a digital copy. We'll see.


  1. Oh I do like the necromancer Queen, quite sinister and comical with her little necklace of skulls :D

  2. Thank you, anonymous person! (if that IS your REAL name...)
    Had real fun coming up with the character concepts and stuff. Hoping to use her more prominently in future so I can get a bit more detail into ol' Queen Vic.