Saturday, 15 January 2011

Inkwell fundraiser and T-Shirt design

Since I'm in my third year of uni at the moment, I have to contribute toward the fundraising needed to put on our degree shows.
The other Students and I put on a live art night at a local club in order to get our names out there, live paint, and sell our wares. We set up a stall and dotted ourselves around the room armed with canvases and paints. I set up near the dj stand and did some live digital painting on a projector. I'll post the image I produced here soon.

I put a couple of prints up for sale on the stall and also did screen printed a few t-shirts to sell. The design was quite nerdy and I think it was lost on most people but I sold a couple so I'm happy. Plus it meant I got to keep one to wear myself. I do love me some t-shirts!

Behold! The "Savior" shirt. Black ink design on sand coloured shirt.

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  1. Love this tee! You should do it on a few more colours.