Thursday, 10 December 2009

Don we now our gay apparel...

Harry at AceGamez (new site up now incidentally!) wanted a festive mood for this week's article, so I did christmas: the videogame way.

Think this turned out ok. Not totally happy with it but couldn't really get the finish to look right. Decided to go for a similar look to my lego art from a couple weeks back as I thought it suited the christmas card look. Thought of a few nice little gaming christmas nuggets (I especially liked using sephiroth from FFVII as the angel for the top of the tree).
Wasn't going to add a texture like the lego one but it looked too flat without it, so added it in and washed out the colours too. It was a bit too garish before.

Next week: More christmas things!


  1. I do love the overlaid snowflake pattern, it really sets off the whole piece. The colours are showing up great in this browser, so i wouldn't worry! :)

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